Platinum Package

Introducing AATB Platinum Benefit. AATB provides a hassle-free solution for companies looking to attract talented team members and make valuable business connections. Get the exposure your company needs with access to one 15-30 minute AATB 1 on 1 Business Interview – featured in our Youtube Channel, our online AATB Business Directory homepage, and Social Media Platforms. Plus, receive invitations to our Monthly Events (event fee not included)! As an added incentive, refer new members to the AATB and you’ll be rewarded with an incredible 4 night trip to Las Vegas. Investing in this membership is an amazing value; your annual subscription of $995 offers a whopping 44% savings off compared to What You Would Normally spend! Join us today and enjoy all the benefits that come with an AATB Platinum benefit membership!

Benefits Include:

  • Attract talent by posting job openings/business collaboration opportunity for your company.

  • One 15-30 minute AATB 1 on 1 Business Interview in our Youtube Channel.

  • Feature your interview video in the online AATB Business Directory homepage and Social Media Platform.

  • Join our VIP List to our Monthly Events (event fee not included)

  • Receive an accommodation of 4 NIGHT TRIP TO LAS VEGAS.

  • Investment: $995/year or $149/month subscription. You save $793 or 44% annual savings.

Platinum Package

Benefits of Press Release Distribution:


  • Instant Exposure
  • Guaranteed Distribution over 250+ news websites
  • Enhanced product/ service visibility
  • The Chance to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Plan
  • The Opportunity to Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert
  • Increased Traffic to Your Website
  • A Solid Relationship with Journalists
  • A New Opportunity to Reach Your Targeted Audience



At Desert United 1 on 1 Business Interviews, we understand that job interviews can be intimidating and daunting. That’s why our experienced team of professionals have developed a comprehensive system to help you succeed in your next one-on-one interview. We strive to make sure you feel comfortable while remaining professional throughout the process.

Before the interview, we recommend that you conduct and share some of your research surrounding the services you are offering to familiarize yourself with your mission, values, and goals. This will allow you to provide more insightful answers during the interview. Additionally, it is important that you practice your answers to common questions asked during interviews such as “Tell me about yourself” or “What strengths do you bring to this job?”. This way, when those questions arise, you will be better equipped with thoughtful responses.

To help alleviate any nerves before the interview, we suggest utilizing calming techniques such as deep breathing exercises or positive self-talk so that you remain confident and composed during the meeting. As soon as the interviewer sits down with you, it is important to develop a rapport immediately by introducing yourself in a friendly yet professional manner while maintaining eye contact throughout the conversation. You should also be sure to dress according to your brand – if it’s a creative role then opt for something colorful or trendy whereas if it’s a corporate role then go for something polished and classic. Lastly, be prepared for small talk as it allows both parties to become more comfortable with one another prior to answering more detailed questions.

At Desert United, 1 on 1 Business Interviews, we understand how intimidating interviews can be so our goal is not only to help make them easier but also enjoyable. With our experienced team of professionals helping guide through every step of process, from pre-interview preparation all the way up until post-interview debriefing, rest assured knowing that we will guide and support you every step of the way!


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